Coleen already did a great post on beach essentials, but I thought I’d throw my 2 cents in… with 2 kids, ages 3 & under, I don’t exactly have a lot of help carrying all of the gear, not to mention, if I’m not holding their hands, the boys tend to run off on me. So, that presents a bit a of a dilemma, when you consider how much stuff is required to spend a lazy day at the beach. You can only imagine how thrilled I was to come across the Rio Brands Back Pack Chair. (I found mine at Costco for a mere $19!) As the name suggests, it’s a chair & back pack all in one. It has a velcro pouch that I can carry my towels & sunblock in (& any other necessary doo-dads), & there’s even a handy-dandy cell phone holder! Now when it’s time to head to the beach, I sling the chair on my back, throw the cooler over my shoulder like a messenger bag, slide the sand toys on one arm, & grab a boy with each hand… & we’re off!

xoxo, K