So… you have two kids. Do you dread the double stroller? Too long? Awkward turning radius? Maybe it’s just a touch too wide to maneuver the shopping aisles of South Coast Plaza. Never fear! Phil & Ted have heard your cry for help. Their inline stroller collection is the best of both worlds. If you haven’t seen them before, these strollers start off as a single, but you can attach a second seat. How cool is that? It’s narrow like a normal single stroller, yet not nearly as long as the typical tandem. I’ve got the older, now outdated version of this stroller, & absolutely LOVE it. It manuevers great, rides smooth, & believe it or not, my kids actually fight over who gets to seat in the back seat. With four different versions of the stroller to choose from now, there’s one for everyone. I did a quick internet search & found zillions of shops selling them on-line. If you do a bit of checking, you can usually find some great deals. Free shipping, Free Doubles Kit, so take the time to do a little searching! Want to check it out in person? Rumor has it that Bergstroms has them in stock.

xoxo, K