I’m a Disneyland junkie. I think I love it more than my kids do. We seriously try to go once week. (Thank heavens for season passes!) But I hate taking all the “gear”. Seeing as most of the time I go by myself, with two kids, I find it best to travel light. Usually that means my stroller, a couple of diapers & some wipes that I throw in the basket, maybe some snacks & my Disneyland purse. I love Harvey’s perfect little wristlet. (Did you know they’re locally owned & operated?!) The purse is constructed of seat belts, so you know it’s sturdy & easy to clean, it has a zippered closure to keep everything safe, & it’s the perfect size to carry my wallet, phone & camera. If you’d prefer something “hands-free” check out their new, hipper version of the fanny pack , the Hipster.

xoxo, K

image via harvey’s.