My two little boys love the sand. Whether we’re looking for sand crabs at the beach or digging at the park, as long as the activity involves sand, they’re in heaven. & although I love that they are enjoying themselves, I secretly wish they’d enjoy something that wasn’t quite so… sandy, for lack of a better word. Do you know what I mean? No matter how much I wash their little hands & feet, it’s no use – I just can’t seem to win my battle against sand, it gets everywhere!

That is, until I remembered a little trick of my mom’s. Growing up, she always had a bottle of baby powder on hand. Perfect for spontaneous park outings & beach adventures. Sprinkle a little baby powder on sandy, wet skin. & viola! The sand will virtually fall off by itself. Baby powder is definitely going to become a staple in my beach/ park bag.

xoxo, K