My oldest is starting preschool this year. I’m a bit excited & terrified all at the same time. In an effort to make this new transition go as smooth as possible, I going to prepare an “All About Me” card for his teacher. I got the idea from Laurie last year. With so many new faces & personalities to get to know, I love the idea of giving his teacher a little jump start on getting to know my little guy. I’m haven’t decided which approach I’m going to take yet… a simple Word Document, similar to what Laurie does would be quick & easy. I might do something similar to THIS poster, although it would probably be more fun for an older child because they could actually do it themselves. Or, maybe some of THESE printables might do the trick. However it’s packaged, as long as it provides basic information about my guy, a little bit about his personality & what makes him tick, I think (& hope) his teacher will find it helpful.

xoxo, K