If you ask my boys what their favorites rides at Disneyland are, they will answer: Pirates, the Ghost House (otherwise known as the Haunted Mansion) & Buzz. Although, I’m the first to admit, I don’t know who likes Buzz more – the kids, or us adults. My hubby & I constantly competing to see who can walk away with the highest score. Unfortunately, he wins most of the time. (I think it has something to do with all the video games he played as a kid.) But I’m proud to announce to the world that my losing streak is over (or so I hope, at least).

Being the competitive person that I am, I didn’t like the fact that I did more losing, than winning during our Buzz competitions. So, lately I’ve been doing some reconnaissance, & I thought I’d pass along a few of the tips & tricks I’ve picked up…

Ever wondered how the scoring works in general?
Circle shaped targets are worth 100 per shot
Square shaped targets are worth 1,000 per shot
Diamond shaped targets are worth 5,000 per shot
Triangle shaped targets are worth 10,000 per shot
(So, my super obvious tip is to aim for the triangle & diamond shaped targets… don’t waste your time on the circles & squares!)

&, if the targets are light, they’re worth even more:
Circle shaped targets are worth 500 per shot
Square shaped targets are worth 5,000 per shot
Diamond shaped targets are worth 10,000 per shot
Triangle shaped targets are worth 100,000 per shot

A few of the other “gems” I’ve picked up are:
* Even though I’ve previously stated that you shouldn’t waste your time on circles, often times, if you hit a circle target you can get a higher value target to “appear”. For example: the “Jack-in-the-Box” target… if you hit the target to open it, there’s a diamond target on the inside of the box, & after the “Jack” pops up there is a triangle target.
* Once you’ve hit a target, keep shooting baby! I used to think that the targets needed time to “reset”, but that’s not the case. So as long as you have a shoot, keep going for it! (I’m hoping the ride “stops” momentarily next time I’m riding… you can really rack up the points then!)
* & finally, they are a couple of “hidden” targets that can be found on Zurg… during the ride you’ll actually come across two different Zurgs. Both times, right below the “Z” medallion holding his cape together, you can see a line running down the center of his chest. Just below his cape you’ll notice a small circle (it’s very dark, very small & very hard to see). Aim for that circle – if you hit it you’ll get 50,000 points! The first Zurg you come across is the easiest because it’s much closer, but you can find the “secret” target on BOTH Zurgs.

Hopefully these tips will help me kick the hubby’s butt on our next Buzz go round.

xoxo, K
image via HERE.