Out of the corner of my eye I saw a funky sign that read- The Road Less Traveled. I quickly turned my car around and headed into the store. I was so glad that I made the stop at this little treasure of a store because it has so many unique gifts and supports green culture.

The road less traveled is an environmentally & human conscious store dedicated to bringing alternatives to every aspect of life.

Every product in our store specializes in 1 of 4 major categories:
*recycled content: post-consumer, surplus, discarded & repurposed materials.
*sustainable resource: made of materials that require little of the planet or are easily renewable.
*non-toxic: chemical, pesticide, herbicide-free. Certified organic origins.
*fair-trade: fair and equal labor practices, cooperative produced, direct artisan purchased.

The Road Less Traveled in Santa Ana is a breath of fresh air in OC shopping because you have a unique shopping experience with a purpose. I love the aromatherapy lines they carry and their eco friendly cleaning products. There are also a great array of classes, this month you can take a class about Green Interiors 101 or learn about slow food. I can’t wait to find an excuse to go back.

2202 1/2 N Main St
Santa Ana, CA 92706
(714) 836-8727

xoxo, C