Have you heard about the Kogi BBQ truck? You could reduce the definition of the experience to a Korean taco truck, but really its a cultural food craze fueled by twitter.

We take the taste of Korean BBQ and fuse it with select spices to create some of the most unique and savory bites in LA. We’re always on the go, which means we’ll be updating our new locations soon and you can always find us live on Twitter.

Their newest location was in Anaheim last night, so I ventured out to experience the infamous Kogi BBQ Truck. When I got to the parking lot of the Juke Joint there was already a huge line, so I joined in around 8:30 and was promised by many that it was worth the wait. At 11:00 I finally got my order, a spicy bbq pork burrito based on the recommendation of the manager. I was not disappointed. The tangy and spicy flavors of the pork was heaven. I love unique urban food and the fusion of Mexican and Korean cuisine creates a memorable food experience. I dropped off a few sliders to K, so she’ll have to let you know what she thought.

The truck will be in Orange @ District Lounge around 10:30 tomorrow, so here are some of my tips:

1) Arrive early if you are serious about getting food because they do run out
2) Don’t come if you are in a hurry
3) Come with a fun group of friends to make the time in line go faster
4) Be nice because I have never seen happier people running a taco truck
5) Keep track of the truck on Twitter because they will let you know if they are running late
6) Order the spicy pork burrito or kimchi quesadilla based on the recs from the manager

Kogi the OC loves you! Please come visit us again!

xoxo, C