Sure, the weather is beautiful outside. Sure, there are tons & tons of things to do & places to go. But sometimes, I must confess, when the heat is blazing, I’d rather just crank up the AC & stay home. Unfortunately, it doesn’t stay quiet long at our house, pretty soon the “natives” get restless. So, we always have a bin on hand, filled with lots of goodies for arts & crafts. One of favorite creations were these “I Spy Bottles.” They loved each & every step of the process… picking out the little “doo-dads” to fill their bottles with, as well as the actual “I Spy Bottle” creation. This project was a great way to recycle lots of teeny-tiny odds & ends I had lying around the house, & it involved no sewing, which makes it the perfect project for everyone. (Although, if you don’t mind the sewing, there is a tutorial for an “I Spy Bag” HERE.) Anyway, want to make your own “I Spy Bottle?” (They are perfect for car trips, I might add.) Find step-by-step instructions HERE.

xoxo, K