Drumroll please, we are happy, thrilled, absolutely ecstatic to announce the 2009 “You’ve Just Been Spotted” Orange County Blog Awards. Can I get a “Woot! Woot!”? There are so many fantastic & incredible websites written by our very own Orange County locals, we thought it was high-time we did a little celebrating & recognized all of these wonderfully talented people. So here’s the deal…

We are looking for the “best of the best,” websites & blogs that Orange County has to offer. Sure, we could hand out awards to all of our favorites, but really, where’s the fun in that? So, we are asking that you nominate YOUR absolute favorites. There are plenty of ways to make sure YOUR favorite blogs & websites make our list: email us (justspotted@gmail.com), send us a message via twitter (@justspottedOC, @xoxoC, or @according2kelly), leave a comment on our Facebook page HERE, or simply leave a comment on THIS very post. All we want & need to know is the blog or website’s web address & which category you’d like to nominate them for. What?! We haven’t told you the categories yet? Silly us! Well here they are… we are looking for most fantastic, fun-to-read, inspiring, eye-catching & humorous sites in the following categories: Be Creative (you know, the best crafty-ish & creative inspired site), Food & Cooking (yum! my mouth is watering just thinking about these sites), Lifestyle & Design (amazing people, with impeccable taste), Shopping & Style (my hubby hates it when I browse these sites, because he knows I’ll be spending $ soon!), Eye Candy (pretty, pretty pictures), Kid & Family, and then, your all-time Favorite Local Blog (which site do you absolutely have to read every day?) & Local Micro-Blogger (this one’s for all our twitter & yelp! friends).

So, your probably asking yourself, “How exactly is this going to work?” Well, let us explain…

Step 1:
YOU nominate your favorite blogs & websites (preferably written by an Orange County local, although we might me willing to make an exception or two), via any of the previously mentioned ways. Simply tell us which site, & the category you are nominating it for. Feel free to nominate as many sites as you wish (heck! You could even nominate your own site!) & tell your friends to do the same (you know what they say, “the more the merrier”), although each site will only be allowed placement in one category. Not only will this be a fantastic way to “reward” the best sites in the OC, but we’re hoping to be introduced to some new ones we might not have otherwise found. All we ask, is that you get your nominations in by Tuesday, August 4th at 11:59 pm. That way we have plenty of time for step number 2.

Step 2: We will gather up all the nominees & compile them into one big list, which we will then “open up to the public” (that means you!) for voting.

Step 3: The sites that receive the most votes, as well as an “editor’s choice” winner (chosen by Coleen & Kelly of course!) for each category, will then be announced & honored at a super fabulous, fun-filled evening. An evening totally dedicated to celebrating our winners & how wonderful they (& their sites) are. (Think paparazzi everywhere, flowing drinks, delectable treats & a plush orange carpet. Okay, okay, that might just be what we imagine in our heads, but trust us, this is one party you don’t want to miss!)

So here we go… start sending us links to your favorite OC websites. If you want your submission to make “the list,” be sure to contact us before Tuesday, August 4th at 11:59 pm. Oh! & Don’t forget to pick your category: Be Creative, Food & Cooking, Lifestyle & Design, Shopping & Style, Eye Candy, Kid & Family, Favorite Local Blog, Favorite Local Micro-Blogger.

After we announce our BIG list of nominees, we’ll be sharing more information about our “not to be missed” awards & ceremony, & how you can get invited!

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Let’s get this contest started! Now it’s up to you! Have you nominated your favorite OC sites yet?

xoxo, C & K