Thanks everyone, for indulging us & playing our little game. We loved hearing from everyone! It was such a treat to see that some of our favorite blogs & sites were favorites of yours, as well. & It was wonderful being introduced to sooo many new & fascinating OC Blogs. As you may, or may not realize, at 12 am, Friday, August 14th, the polls officially closed. Again, thank you to the thousands of you who voted (& We mean that quite literally. At our last check, well over 4,000 votes had been cast!). You can be sure that your voices were heard. Now please be patient with us, as we do some tally-ing… in the next few days we will be introducing you to each one of our winners – the best & brightest that the OC has to offer. We can’t wait to meet them, how about you?

xoxo, C & K

p.s. As you’re perusing the blog-o-sphere, make sure to make special note of those fabulous OC blogs you come across… because this was definitely the first Annual “You’ve Just Been Spotted” OC Blog Awards. We’d love to have an even BIGGER list of nominees next year! Again, thanks for playing!

image via flickr.