Each year during the holidays, one of my family’s absolutely most favorite holiday traditions is to drive around, looking at all the pretty lights. I’m a sucker for a good holiday light display & have been known to drag my family along for the (sometimes very long) drive. Wanting to find some new-to-me light extravaganzas, we asked YOU, our readers (on our Facebook page), to tell us where the BEST holiday light displays in Orange County were located. Thanks to all the comments & emails, we’ve got a list that will definitely keep my family, & hopefully yours, busy over the next week or so. Car Trip anyone?

Fountain Valley:
16801 Euclid (Mile Square Park. The actual neighborhood is located near Brookhurst St. & Heil Ave. You can drive through, or park at the park and walk the entire neighborhood.)

Kraemer and Birch (Eagle Hills neighborhood) *

Garden Grove:
12112 Wutzke St.

Laguna Hills:
25473 Nellie Gail Road *

Lake Forest:
22981 Belquest Dr. *
End of Blueberry Ln. *
23446 Bolivar St.
Cll El Toro Grande (Placemark 11)
24952 Greenbay Dr. *
Corner of Peacock & Thrush (Tim Bump’s)
Rimrock St. (Placemark 10)
Rushford Dr.
Via Amistoso St. *
2nd St. *

7633 E. Saddlehill Trail *

Rancho Santa Margarita:
20 El Corzo *

* starred locations were recommended multiple times
For a Google Map of all Orange County locations go HERE.
xoxo, K
p.s. Is YOUR favorite holiday light display not on the list? Leave a comment or email us (justspotted@gmail.com) the address & we’ll make sure to add it!