The newest exhibit at the Discovery Science Center (which opens Saturday, January 16th & runs through Sunday, May 2nd) will have definitely have you seeing circles are everywhere… clocks, wheels, doorknobs, even your dinner plate! That’s because this newest exhibit will celebrate “the math, science & beauty of such a simple shape & helps children and adults alike to uncover the secrets of the many circles in the world.”

In true Discovery Science Center fashion, this newest exhibit will feature tons of hands-on & interactive activities designed so that both kids & adults can learn about the sophisticated mathematical and engineering concepts of circles, in a very fun & very easy way. At Secrets of Circles, I know you (& most importantly your kids) will love… glow-in-the-dark exhibits, lots of spinning objects, playing with a kaleidoscope, building a round arch bridge, shopping the the pretend market for onions, pulleys & all things circular, plus so much more!

With this newest exhibit coming to town, you definitely want to take the time to visit the Discovery Science Center with your kids. & Make sure you don’t miss any of the other fabulous exhibits… the Science of Hockey, the Planetary Research Station, or my boy’s personal favorite the Dino Quest, just to name a few. The Discovery Science Center is open daily (except Thanksgiving & Christmas Day) from 10am – 5pm. For The Discovery Science Center ticket prices, location & daily field trip schedule go HERE, or buy tickets online HERE.

xoxo, K

p.s. If you attend opening day, Saturday, January 16th be sure to watch (or even join!) the hula hoop competition. Really confident in your hula hooping ability? Register online for the competition HERE.