In honor of the upcoming Earth Day, this week’s 12 for Tuesday is a collection of 12 “baby steps” that you can implement to live a greener life. Lucky for us, local San Clemente resident, & mother of three, Justine Howell was recently named the “Greenest Mom in America” after winning a 5 month long nationwide contest hosted by Children’s Orchard, an upscale-resale boutique.

1. Change to energy efficient light bulbs.

2. Bring cloth/reusable bags to grocery store & mall to carry items.

3. Install low flow valves in toilet to decrease water usage in toilet with each flush.

4. Do laundry during the night, less busy & less strain on system as a whole. During the winter time, keep laundry door open to home to enjoy heat from the dryer.

5. Buy gently used clothing and toys, instead of new (a lot of time you, & your kids, won’t know the difference) from resale shops such as Children’s Orchard.

6. Drive fuel efficient cars.

7. Use environmentally friendly household cleaners.

8. Eliminate paper towels, replace them with a cloth towel that is washable and reusable, thus eliminating waste from landfills.

9. Set thermostat lower at night, 68 degrees is good, and crawl under those covers for warmth!

10. Buy Eco friendly plastic & reusable water bottles, instead of bulk throw away water bottle. Even if you recycle the ones you throw away, it takes energy to recycle those.

11. Buy larger bags of snacks instead of the snack sizes to reduce waste & use Tupperware containers to hold (avoiding Ziploc bags).

12.  Reuse the manila envelopes and boxes you get in the mail when you order something. Next time you send a gift, just pull the old tag off and put on a new one to send something else in the mail.

Thanks Justine for all the tips… these are definitely baby steps that I can implement, & I’m proud to say I can already cross a few off the list!

xoxo, K

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