Thanks to a hubby, who is what you might call an avid mountain biker, & some girl friends who have developed a similar “habit,” I too have caught the mountain biking fever. Lucky for us, we live in a place surrounded by some of the most amazing mountain biking trails – a mountain biking mecca if you will. So, this Tuesday we’ve prepared a short list of 12 mountain bike rides you don’t want to miss….

1. Fullerton Loop (technical difficulty: beginner)
2. Sycamore Run, in Aliso Woods Regional Park (technical difficulty: beginner)
3. Blackstar Canyon Road to Beeks Place, in Silverdo (technical difficulty: beginner – intermediate)
4. Lake Loop, in Peters Canyon Regional Park (technical difficulty: beginner – intermediate)
5. Peter’s Canyon Figure Eight Loop, (technical difficulty: beginner to intermediate)
6. San Juan Trail, in Cleveland National Forest (technical difficulty: intermediate – advanced)
7. Whiting Ranch Loop (technical difficulty: beginner to intermediate)
8. Cholla to Top of the World to Meadows, in Aliso Woods Regional Park(technical difficulty: intermediate)
9. Fenceline to Boomer Ridge, in Laguna Coast Wilderness Park (technical difficulty: intermediate)
10. The Barnum Ridge Trail aka Chutes, in Santiago Oaks Regional Park (technical difficulty: advanced)
11. Cactus Ridge, in Whiting Ranch (technical difficulty: advanced)
12. The Luge, at Cooks Corner (technical difficulty: advanced)

For even more Orange County Mountain Biking Trails check out GeoLadders, or the book Mountain Biking Orange County, California.

xoxo, K

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