I don’t know about you, but these days I’ve been watching my pennies. & While I’m drawn to the idea of “thrifting,” I’m the first to admit that I’m a bit overwhelmed by thrift stores. Lucky for us, Carrie (of This Mama Makes Stuff) knows Orange County thrift stores like the back of her hand. Today she’s sharing with us her absolute favorite Orange County-ish Thrift Stores…

Thrift stores can be a fickle bunch; great one week and terrible the next. With the turnover and the infinite possibilities of stock sources, you never know what treasures you’ll find. There’s also that chance you could leave empty handed wondering what all the fuss was about. All that aside, if you haven’t checked out these 12 Orange County(ish) Thrift Stores, they’re definitely worth the look.

1. Rewear Warehouse (Anaheim): By far my favorite thrift store in all of Orange County. If clothing is your thing, you’re going to be in love. So many cheap treasures to be found downstairs while the entire upstairs is filled with amazing, vintage finds at fab prices. And don’t even get me started about the fantastic sales.

2. Savers (Anaheim & La Mirada): When it comes to chain thrift stores, Savers is the best there is. So organized, and filled with great things. I’ve been to Savers stores in three states, and have never been disappointed. I have had especially good luck at the Anaheim location.

3. Lutheran High Thrift Shop (Orange): This place is on the small side, but I always seem to find great stuff: dishes, sewing patterns, vintage linens, cool toys, jewelry and furniture.

4. South Street Thrift Center (Long Beach): This place is huge, so prepare to dig for the treasures, and remember to bring cash.

5. Grateful Hearts Thrift Redefined (Los Alamitos): If thrift store shopping is new to you, this store is a great place to get your feet wet. It’s clean, well organized and dare I say cute?

6. Goodwill (19 stores in 11 Orange County cities): I’ve had great luck at the one in Lake Forest and the one on Grand in Santa Ana. Picked up all the cashmere sweaters I needed for a baby blanket project when I expected to have to hit 2 or 3 stores.

7. Salvation Army (12 locations throughout Orange County): The Orange location is just down the street from the Lutheran High Thrift Shop so if you’re doing a day of thrifting in Orange, you’ll definitely want to pop in.

8. Lincoln Thrift Store (Anaheim): A little on the grungy side, but great prices on everything from clothes to nick nacks to books to furniture.

9. St. Vincent De Paul Thrift Store (Laguna Hills, Orange, San Juan Capistrano, & Anaheim): The Anaheim location is just down the street from Rewear Warehouse so be sure to stop by.

10. The Sheepfold Thrift Store (Orange): As one of three thrift stores in the same shopping center, you can plan an entire day of thrift shopping without even moving your car.

11. Family Thrift (Orange): In the same Orange shopping center, as The Sheepfold Thrift Store, another thrift store that you’ll definitely want to check out.

12. Rags to Riches (Costa Mesa): This place is a little pricier than the average thrift store, but they are also pickier with what they stock. If you’re looking for name brands and good quality second hand clothing and accessories, you’ve come to the right place.

Now that you have a list of fabulous stores to check out (thanks again Carrie!), if you are really serious about “thrifting” then you’ll want to check out Carrie’s Top Ten Tips for Scoring at the Thrift Store. Looking for a little thrift store inspiration? Be sure check out some of Carrie’s past thrift store finds.

xoxo, Carrie &  K

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