So I’m not biased or anything… but I thought our old calendar was pretty great. There was nothing like it in the OC, & because of that, we were proud. But I’m the first to admit that it was huge, completely overwhelming & not exactly user-friendly. & Unless I calendared in the events on my own personal calender, I often forget about all those really cool things I want to do in the OC, only to remember them, the day after they occur. With that in mind, we set out to discover a better, easier, more user-friendly solution.

You will now find that the super huge, jam packed Just Spotted Calendar of Where to Go & What to Do in Orange County is now powered by Google. Here’s what that means for you:

* Viewing & finding events is super easy. Check it out: you can view events in a Weekly, Monthly, or my personal favorite – the Agenda form, all with just a click of your mouse.

* If you have (or create) your own Google calendar, you can add any event listing on our calendar (or the ENTIRE calendar) to YOUR very own calendar, with just a simple click…. makes for organizing the events you really want to attend easy peasy. Plus, if you want, Google will even send you a reminder email, or even a text, ¬†about the event so you’re sure not to miss it!

* & Because we are constantly updating the calendar with activities & events, you’ll be able to plan further into the future because you have full access to Orange County happenings… just scroll through the different months to see what’s coming up.

So if you haven’t already, be sure to check out the new & improved Just Spotted Calendar of Where to Go & What to Do in Orange County. Just click HERE for ideas & activities galore.

xoxo, K