Recently I was introduced to Silver Garage “Carrie Thobe’s California beach style jewelry… every piece of hammered sterling silver jewelry is a one-of-a-kind creation & may be personalized. Her creations have a beachy casual look with a simple organic flair that come together through hand pounded silver & touches of copper, brass and gemstones.”

Hold your horses – before you roll your eyes & think “not another piece of hand-stamped jewelry” take a look at her site, her pieces are unlike anything I have ever seen. Add to that, the fact that each & every piece is hand-made right here in Orange County… well, let’s just say I’m sold. Ever since my piece arrived (did I mention that I bought it for myself, for mother’s day?), I’ve been wearing it non-stop & you can’t imagine the number of compliments I’ve received – everyone who sees it, loves it!

xoxo, K

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