Now most of you probably don’t even realize, but our very own Coleen leads a double life. When she’s not scouting out the latest & greatest in & around Orange County, she’s an independent college admission consultant… Ms. College Admissions. For the past 5+ years she’s been helping students of all ages (from 7th grade on) plan, apply & prepare for college.

With summer fast approaching, I knew Coleen would have the low-down on the best summer camps & programs Orange County has to offer. Just a fore-warning… although we tried, there were just too many fabulous camp programs, to limit our list to 12. That being said, this is officially a 12 for Tuesday (& then some) list.


As Ms. College Admissions sometimes I feel like I don’t get to tell kids to just have fun. Summer is a great time when busy students can finally lean a little more toward discovery and fun vs. test taking and memorization. Here are some of my favorite summer programs offered in Orange County for kids:

Discovery and Adventure
Ocean Institute
Starr Ranch Sanctuary
Zoomar’s Summer Camp
Discovery Science Center
Irvine Ranch Outdoor Education Center
Pacific Marine Mammal Center
Young Chefs Academy

Arts and Theater
Laguna Playhouse
Yorba Linda Theater
South Coast Reperatory
Mission Art Center

Etnies Skate Camp
Soul Surfing School
Horseback Riding
UCI Sports Camps
Titan Youth Sports Camp

ID Tech Camps

UCI Writer’s Project
St. Margaret’s Summer Program
Sage Hill School Summer Program

College for Kids (several community colleges have extensive summer camp programs for kids)
South County
North County

Please be sure to share your favorites too!
xoxo, C

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