Welcome to “Giveaway a Day” where you guessed it, we are giving away something fabulous every single day. Ok, maybe not every single day… but Monday – Friday, for the next two weeks (ending Friday, July 9th) we are giving away one fabulous package after another. Think of our giveaway as summer survival. Some of our prizes are perfect for keeping your little ones busy, entertained & in-check (at least for one day) this summer. Other prizes are just for mom… providing a little bit of much needed relief. Whatever the prize is, I can assure that you are going to love it. So, without further ado, let’s start the giveaways…

Today’s giveaway features 3 of my absolute, all-time favorite things. Yes! Win this one giveaway & you’ll win not just one, or two, but THREE fabulous prizes.  Ready to find out what we have in-store for our lucky winner? The winner of today’s giveaway will  take home: $100 of Screamin Coupons, a 4-pack of tickets to the always-fabulous-always-entertaining-always-exciting Pretend City, & my absolutely favorite wireless earpiece on the market Jawbone Icon’s Ace. Holy cow! I don’t usually talk numbers, but with $100 worth of Screamin Coupons, $40 worth of Pretend City tickets, & a $99.99 Jawbone Icon’s Ace, this giveaway is worth a pretty penny! But let’s tell you a little bit more about our prizes…

Screamin Coupons is the latest (& in our opinion) the greatest website to hit Orange County offering daily, local deals. Everyday Screamin Coupons offers an exclusive deal, which usually saves you 50% – 90% off local restaurants, entertainment, (my personal favorite) health & beauty, and more (here are some of their recent deals to give you an idea). & If you signup for their daily alerts HERE, you don’t even have to visit their website. All the deals will be delivered straight to your inbox! I know, I know… you’ve heard it all before. Sign up for emails, get fabulous deals, blah blah blah! But wait, there’s more. & This is what sets Screamin Coupons apart from all the others sites – they want to give money to YOUR school. Screamin Coupons offers this incredible Screamin Coupons School Rewards program for local schools. With this program, every time a member from your school purchases a deal from their site, your school will earn 5% – 10% of Screamin Coupons’ proceeds! Okay, honestly… just try to tell me that isn’t fabulous. We all know our schools could use extra money for school supplies, equipment & a list of other necessities. & Did I mention how easy signing up your school is? Most (if not all) of the local schools are already listed in a drop down menu. When you sign up for the daily emails, you can select your school & you are set. I don’t know about you, but my head is spinning. Imagine $100 worth of Screamin Coupons to use on any deal! I know I’d be holding out for a massage or a facial. Heck! With a $100 you might even be able to get BOTH!

I’m sure I don’t have to “sell” you on the wonders of Pretend City. I’m sure by now, everyone knows how much we love that place. But seriously, what’s not to love? Pretend City is unlike any other children’s museum I’ve ever been to. It’s a “hands-on” experience that combines education & recreation. The museum is designed to represent a small city. Inside the city gates children can explore 15 interactive exhibits including an art studio, amphitheater, grocery store, farm, construction site, marina & beach. Children can play dress-up, paint pictures (& you don’t have to clean up the mess! what a plus!), pick fruits & veggies, play at the beach & so much more. So really? Who isn’t chomping at the bit to win 4 FREE passes to Pretend City? Whether you’re a seasoned Pretend City goer, or a newbie, 4 FREE tickets is hard to pass up!

& Finally, last but definitely not least… in addition to all of our other fabulous prizes, one lucky person is also going to win Jawbone Icon’s Ace wireless headset. From personal experience, & a self-confessed cell phone junkie, I can tell you that the Jawbone Icon’s Ace wireless headset is amazing. It’s pretty (seriously, I never imagined I’d call a headset “pretty,” but it is), it will whisper sweet nothing’s in your ear (okay, maybe it’s just exciting stuff like remaining battery life & caller id information, but sometimes this is the only adult “conversation” I have all day), it fits better than earpiece I’ve ever worn & it comes with this super-cool NoiseAssassin technology that actually filters out the background noise meaning no one (other than you) will hear the screaming kids in the background. That’s reason enough to go out & buy one if you don’t win today!

So have I tempted you enough? If you’re like me, it doesn’t really take much. But seriously? 4-pack of tickets to the always-fabulous-always-entertaining-always-exciting Pretend City, my absolutely favorite wireless earpiece on the market Jawbone Icon’s Ace AND $100 of Screamin Coupons… it sounds like everyone wins with this giveaway – both kids & mom alike.

Here’s the nitty-gritty:

* You have until Midnight PST on Wednesday, July 7th to enter.
* Simply leave a comment on THIS post.
* Anyone can enter (so tell your friends).
* The winner will be randomly picked & emailed.

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Oh Wow! There are so many ways to enter to win this oh-so-fabulous prize pack, I’m not even going to count them. Wahooo! Let the games begin.

If you haven’t entered our previous giveaways, you can do so HERE. & You’ll definitely want to check back tomorrow, for an all-new giveaway!

xoxo, C & K