As a mom-to-three-with-flabby-abs-I-worry-will-never-disappear, I’m always on the lookout for a miracle cure to the muffin-top I carry with me constantly. Luckily, a couple of months ago, I happened to “overhear” a woman preaching the “Pure Barre” gospel to her friend. I didn’t have to listen to her “sermon” long, one look at her amazing calves & toned tummy (we were at the gym after all, where all these “parts” were in plain view) & I was sold. I immediately went home to find out more.

I’m an easy sell, I’ll admit it. But when their website promised “The Pure Barre Technique is a total body workout that burns fat & produces lifted seats, toned arms, thin thighs, and flat abs by fusing elements of ballet, pilates & weights in a 55 minute intense session.” I felt like Pure Barre just might be the answer to my prayers. & I may have only have attended one class, I’m here to tell you, I just might be onto something.

Imagine the ballet class from your youth… fairly similar, but I can promise you, you’ll be much more sore the next morning. “The workout launches a full blown attack on the areas of the body all women struggle with: abs, hips, seats & arms. The technique protects your joints as it does not involve any bouncing or jumping, Each strength section of the workout is followed by a stretching section in order to create long lean muscle without bulk.”

With swimsuit season in full-swing, I think I’ve discovered Pure Barre just in time. Did I mention that they promise that “Students see results in just 10 classes?”

Pure Barre has three Orange County locations: Irvine, Mission Viejo & Newport Beach. A single Pure Barre class costs $25, but they have several other specials & promotions. But, for new clients the locations are offering 30 days of unlimited Pure Barre classes for just $100. (So glad I’m a “new” client, because I am definitely taking advantage of THIS offer.)

xoxo, K
image via Pure Barre

Just Spotted received no compensation, of any kind, for this post. I paid $25, just like everyone else to take the class. But believe me, I’m going to take advantage of the $100 unlimited class special!