Welcome to 12 for Tuesday where we highlight 12 fabulous finds in & around Orange County. This week we are featuring 12 things you MUST EAT while attending the OC Fair. They are listed in no particular order, & if we’ve missed your favorite fair treat, be sure to list it in the comments below!

1. Turkey Legs
2. Cheese-on-a-Stick & Giant Corn Dogs
3. MEXICAN Funnel Cake
4. Sourdough Cheese bread with Toppings
5. Grilled Corn on the Cob
6. Apple Fries
7. Chocolate Covered Bacon
8. Deep fried cupcakes, Oreos, onions, Snickers, Twinkie, pickles, sweet potatoes, vegetables & zucchini
9. Battered Potatoes & Baked Sweet Potatoes
10. Cotton Candy
11. Marshmellow Yammies
12. Bacon Wrapped Hot Dogs

For a complete list of food & vendor locations at the OC Fair, go HERE.

xoxo, K