I’ve been on the hunt for some Halloween-inspired music. & While I LOVE Michael Jackson’s Thriller & the Ghostbuster’s theme song is always a crowd favorite – I’ve been looking  for something a wee bit different. Luckily, I stumbled onto to Halloween Carols… which was perfect, because “Halloween deserves carols too.”

Halloween Carols are written, performed & produced by local Orange County native Kristen Lawrence, a “classically trained organist/composer/singer who worships both the ‘classical gods’ & the ‘rock gods.’” With over 60 Halloween Carols, a collection of 3 available CDs – Kristen is the epitome of Halloween. Ironic as it might sound, I would honestly describe her music as beautiful & I imagine Jack Skellington would agree. So if you’re looking for a sound-track to help celebrate this magical time of year, look no further than the Halloween Carols. I can pretty much guarantee that your Halloween playlist isn’t complete without a few Halloween Carols.

xoxo, K
images via Halloween Carols