Welcome to 12 for Tuesday, where we highlight 12 fabulous finds usually in (& around) Orange County. However, this week we’re giving you 12 alternatives to the traditional pumpkin pie…

1. Baked Pumpkin Doughnuts

2. Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Loaf

3. Cream Cheese & Butterscotch Pumpkin Pies with Gingersnap Streusel Topping

4. Pumpkin Bread Pudding

5. Pumpkin Cake with Spiced Cream Cheese Frosting

6. Pumpkin Cobbler

7. Pumpkin & Cream Cheese Whoopie Pies

8. Pumpkin Cream Pie

9. Pumpkin Dump Cake

10. Pumpkin Gingerbread Trifle

11. Pumpkin Gooey Butter Cakes

12. Pumpkin Sugar Cookie Bars

xoxo, K