i heart oc

Welcome to I {heart} OC week… As you’ve probably already guessed, we {heart} OC in a big, pink, puffy heart kinda way. But we know we aren’t the only ones. So, we’ve dedicated an one ENTIRE week, & asked some of our readers to tell us (& you) whey they {heart} OC. Maybe it’s a specific attraction or restaurant. Perhaps is just the laid back way of life. Or, maybe it’s all about the Dole Whip on a hot, sunny day. Whatever it is, we want to know, & we figured we’d bring you along for the ride.

angry julieMeet Angry Julie. But, I’ll let you in on a little secret… this working mom isn’t actually all that angry. Her days are filled with Star Wars Trivia, cheat codes for video games, and endless hours of watching Phineas and Ferb. While she is “known” for her photography & fancy headbands. I can’t wait to hear what she {hearts} about OC…

Who wouldn’t want to live by the beach? I could drive to the beach and have my toes in the sand within fifteen minutes of leaving my house.

I was not born and raised in Orange County. I grew up in Los Angeles County, and we moved to Orange County, the summer before seventh grade. It was an odd transition for me, as it was the late 80’s. I dressed pretty preppy and was usually dressed to the nines. One of my eye opening moments was the first few months of school, which was a junior high in Newport Beach. I noticed that everyone looked like they just stepped off the beach with shorts, tank tops, and flip flops. I took me a few years to adjust to the “beach” style but I have learned to embrace it. Now that I’m in my mid-thirties, you can still find me wearing surf brands, and flip flops almost daily.

Overlooking the World of Color at Disney's California Adventure

We are season passholders at Disneyland, and we try and go several times a year. We were able to watch The World of Color being built step by step from start to finish. My son loved seeing all of the construction. And the best part, we live fifteen minutes away.

OC Fair 2010 Ferris Wheel

Every July and August, we have the OC Fair. I love being able to take a few hours, and hang out there. While we eat funnel cakes, and cinnamon rolls, we can go on great Ferris Wheels like this. My son loves seeing all of the farm animals, without having to travel a long distance.

San Clemente Beach Trail

I like to run, but sometimes I get bored running around my neighborhood. I love driving to San Clemente and running along the San Clemente Beach Trail. It is such a beautiful view and everyone is always smiling along the path.

And of course, by living in the OC, I get to meet and hang out with great friends like Kelly from Just Spotted in this beautiful sunshine in February. Why would I ever leave? I heart The OC.



Thanks Julie! Seriously?! Why would you ever want to live anywhere other than the OC? Read more about Julie HERE on her blog, or follow her on Twitter HERE.

xoxo, K

p.s. interested in contributing & telling us why YOU {heart} OC? Just send us an email: justspotted@gmail.com