i heart oc

Welcome to I {heart} OC week… As you’ve probably already guessed, we {heart} OC in a big, pink, puffy heart kinda way. But we know we aren’t the only ones. So, we’ve dedicated an one ENTIRE week, & asked some of our readers to tell us (& you) whey they {heart} OC. Maybe it’s a specific attraction or restaurant. Perhaps is just the laid back way of life. Or, maybe it’s all about the Dole Whip on a hot, sunny day. Whatever it is, we want to know, & we figured we’d bring you along for the ride.

i heart ocMeet Heather. She’s a real mom, living life in the real OC. She is native California girl, but is a transplant from Northern California. College brought her south and she loved it so much she decided to stay. Heather loves the opportunity to raise her 3 children here. You can often find her playing at the beach, reading to her kids, baking goodies, driving kids to this or that, and squeezing in a workout (if she is lucky!) and of course attempting to transform Optimus Prime & Bumble Bee.

You can’t live in Orange County without playing at the beach. I mean really, it’s practically in our backyard! In our family, most summer days are spent at the beach … to be truthful anytime the temperature hits 80 we try to go, even if it’s February! And let’s be honest, sun & heat is a great combination to wear out the kids for an early bedtime.

We have a few favorite beaches that we go to, but my personal favorite is Crescent Bay in Laguna Beach. It is a bit of a steep walk down and sometimes quite cumbersome, especially when I have the double jogger filled with everything you would need for the day at the beach. But,  I love this beach because it is small and my kids can’t wander off too far. Plus, and this is a must for me, there are bathrooms & showers!

One of my boys’ favorite things to do at the beach is to dig a huge pool. This was my husband’s brilliant idea! Most of the time I leave this to daddy, but I have been known to bring the big shovel when he can’t join us.

First, the boys pick out the perfect place for a pool. With our guidance; it is usually just a few yards right out in front of where we set up camp.
Then Daddy starts digging! He generally digs about 3 feet down or so.

While Daddy digs the pool, little Miss and I enjoy the shade.

Once the pool is formed we take our buckets, fill them up, and start filling our pool.

By this time, we usually have made a few little friends who join us in the pool. This pool (and our new little friends) will have my kids entertained for the rest of the day.

Even little Miss takes a dip in the pool.

So the next time you head to the beach, don’t forget your shovel! And if you happen to see us digging a pool , come by and say hello.


Thanks Heather! With miles & miles of coastline, literally in our backyard, how can you not {heart} Orange County’s beaches? & I don’t know about you, but I’ve just added a shovel to the top of my list of beach necessities. Read more about Heather HERE on her blog, or follow her on Twitter HERE.

xoxo, K

p.s. interested in contributing & telling us why YOU {heart} OC? Just send us an email: justspotted@gmail.com