i heart ocWelcome to I {heart} OC week… As you’ve probably already guessed, we {heart} OC in a big, pink, puffy heart kinda way. But we know we aren’t the only ones. So, we’ve dedicated an one ENTIRE week, & asked some of our readers to tell us (& you) whey they {heart} OC. Maybe it’s a specific attraction or restaurant. Perhaps is just the laid back way of life. Or, maybe it’s all about the Dole Whip on a hot, sunny day. Whatever it is, we want to know, & we figured we’d bring you along for the ride.

cupcake activistMeet Elise, aka “the cupcakeactivist.” A native Orange County-ian, she loves the OC more than anyone I know. But as “the cupcake activist,” fighting daily for the cupcake cause – she sees Orange County through a pair of cupcake-focused glasses. I can’t wait to hear what she {hearts} in OC…

I constantly get asked, “where can I find the best cupcakes in Orange County?”. Wow, it’s just so hard to narrow it down because I’ve tasted so many delicious cupcakes. You can check out all of my reviews under the tab “Cupcake Reviews.” But, one of my favorite Orange County cupcakes are from Divine Desserts.

CUPCAKE SHOP: Divine Desserts

LOCATION: Laguna Niguel, CA

FAVORITE FLAVOR: Red Velvet with cream cheese frosting

Last year I got to experience the full VIP treatment from Divine Desserts with a tour of their shop and a tasting of their cupcakes. I wish I could experience every cupcake shop this way! Moist cupcakes, perfect frosting, and a huge assortment of flavors to choose from (20 daily flavors) makes Divine Desserts a great cupcake shop to visit. They also sell other goodies such as cookies, muffin tops, and frosting shots (pina colada was my favorite). The Red Velvet has a little something extra special in it which sets it apart from the many other red velvets I’ve tasted. Their cupcakes sell for $3.00. You can see my full review here.


Thanks Elise! Who doesn’t {heart} yummy & delicious cupcakes? Read more about Elise HERE on her blog, or follow her on Twitter HERE.

xoxo, K

p.s. interested in contributing & telling us why YOU {heart} OC? Just send us an email: justspotted@gmail.com