If you haven’t noticed boot camps for fitness are all the rage these days. All around me, I see advertisements for one local Orange County bootcamp or another. Some of these are specifically advertised as boot camp for women, others boast of fitness drills, but each & every bootcamp is definitely a program for fitness. With so many options available, it’s hard to know which of the many boot camps for fitness is the right fit for you. But, if you live anywhere local to the city of Orange, specifically near the circle, I’d highly suggest you check out Hit the Mark Fitness Beach Body Bootcamp.

Boot Camps for Fitness

boot camps for fitness

Hit the Mark Fitness Beach Body Bootcamp is one of several local Orange County boot camps for fitness. I’ve been taking advantage for their “FREE 1 Week Trial” & am LOVING it. Although, waking up to attend a 5:30am class (M-F) is definitely hard to get used to. But, it works for my schedule – I can wake up, get a work out completed & be home before the kids (& hubby) even wake up. How fabulous is that?! But, if 5:30am is a wee bit too early for you, Hit the Mark Fitness also has hour-long bootcamp classes at 7-8am (M-F), 8:30 – 9:30am (MWF) & 6:30pm (T/Th).

Program for Fitness

Now I know what you are thinking (only because I’ve thought it too)… I’m not ready, or “in shape” enough to attend bootcamp. But don’t worry – Mark, of Hit the Mark Fitness (did you catch the play on words? Clever, huh?!) ensures that “all fitness levels are welcome, & nobody is left behind.” Don’t worry – you won’t be running miles, or lifting twenty pound barbells. But that doesn’t mean that the workouts are easy-peasey, or a piece of cake – because that’s the farthest thing from the truth. Workouts usually consist of short sprints, arm & leg work (using 5lb weights & your own body weight), lots of abs or core training, & a good mixture of both indoor & outdoor drills. I can honestly say that Mark will kick your butt. You will work harder & sweat more than you ever have in your entire life – all while Mark is busy delivering clever one liners, quoting movies & ensuring that you don’t “cheat” (as I usually try to do – have you ever tried to hold the “plank” position for a long period of time?).

Ready to sign up, but still a bit worried that Hit the Mark Fitness isn’t for you?  Check out Hit the Mark Fitness’ website, read the testimonials (these people are real – I’ve been working out with them on a daily basis. No stock pictures being used here!). Take advantage of the online “FREE 1 Week Trial” (like I have) , ask about the “2 for the price of 1″ introductory offer, or you can always “refer a friend & save 50%, or refer 2 and get an entire month FREE.” Prices range from $99-250/ month, & can be paid using cash, check or credit card.

xoxo, K

p.s. For a complete list of all Orange County boot camps for fitness go HERE.

Just Spotted received no compensation, of any kind, for this post. I have been taking advantage of the Hit the Mark Fitness “FREE One Week Trial” that is available to everyone & anyone on their website.