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Orange County Lice Removal


Orange County Lice Removal

If you have kids, then this list featuring Orange County Lice Removal specialists & treatments for head lice is definitely something you want to keep handy. Speaking from experience, head lice removal is serious business. There are lots of ways to get rid of head lice… store-bought treatments, & a slew of natural lice remedies. But sometimes these treatments for head lice just aren’t enough, & you have to call in the “big guns.” Never fear,  this week’s 12 for Tuesday features a list of  Orange County Lice Removal specialists (most of them will come to you) &  a few treatments for head lice (that you may not have tried yet).

Orange County Lice Removal

1. The Grateful Head
2. The Hair Angels
3. Hair Whisperers
4. Lice Control
5. Lice Treatment Center
6. Lousey Nitpickers
7. Nit Picky
8. Nit Witty
9. OC Lice Removal
10. Pixie Locks
11. Simple Head Lice Solutions
12. Hair Fairies: salon locations in Los Angeles & San Diego

Treatments for Head Lice

* Nuvo Method for Treating Hair Lice using the skin cleanser Cetaphil
* Lice Treatment using the mouth wash Listerine

Still have questions? Check out Orange County’s own Dr. Sears -  he has plenty to say on how-to diagnose, transmit, treat & prevent lice.

xoxo, K

ps. Looking for even more of our 12 for Tuesday lists? Go HERE.


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Just Spotted is a family & kid oriented guide to living, visiting and dreaming about Orange County. Written by two real moms (Coleen & Kelly), living real lives, in the real OC. Coleen & Kelly seek adventure in the everyday, and Just Spotted is the place where they highlight those adventures. Just Spotted, the premiere family guide to Orange County, is a free public service and online resource offered to provide Orange County residents and visitors a wealth of knowledge with daily posts on things to do, where to go & places to shop in Orange County. xoxo, C & K

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  1. Jamie says:

    Everyone should consider using Fairy Tales Hair Care products on their children. Prevention is the only way to ensure your kids stay lice free. Their Rosemary Repel products are awesome and natural too. They keep the lice away! Been using them on my children for the past two years and we have yet to experience an infestation.


  2. Just wanted to add my company Simple Head Lice Solutions serving all of Southern California

  3. Pam Skinner says:

    Hi Guys,
    I have a wonderful lice removal salon at Beach & Adams in Huntington Beach. It’s called Bernadette’s at the Beach. Our
    manual treatments are $85, which includes TWO FULL TREATMENTS,
    5 days apart. We also have the LouseBuster, which kills everything in ONE TREATMENT. Take a peek at our website:
    http://www.BernadettesAtTheBeach.com. We have Kindle Fires and Snacks for kids…Good Coffee for parents! Check out our
    YELP reviews!

  4. Esteban Sokoloff says:

    Care of the hair and care of the scalp skin may appear separate, but are actually intertwined because hair grows from beneath the skin. The living parts of hair (hair follicle, hair root, root sheath, and sebaceous gland) are beneath the skin, while the actual hair shaft which emerges (the cuticle which covers the cortex and medulla) has no living processes. Damage or changes made to the visible hair shaft cannot be repaired by a biological process, though much can be done to manage hair and ensure that the cuticle remains intact..^

    Latest posting on our own web blog

  5. Elbert Magliolo says:

    Adult head lice are roughly 2-3 mm long. Head lice infest the head and neck and attach their eggs to the base of the hair shaft. Lice move by crawling; they cannot hop or fly. Head lice infestation, or pediculosis, is spread most commonly by close person-to-person contact. Dogs, cats, and other pets do not play a role in the transmission of human lice.”*”:

    Remember to take a look at our new blog http://wellnessdigest.cots

  6. Maile Patricio says:

    During the last twenty-five years, research on the sebaceous glands has made significant advances. Many of the new findings are related to electron microscopy, quantitative lipid composition studies, and the hormonal and nonhormonal control of sebaceous gland secretion.–`’

    Look over our internet page too <http://healthwellnesslab.com

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  9. Charissa Runkle says:

    I had to forbid my kids from wiggling with their little kids. I am not saying exactly sure that’s good. Tea Tree Oil, Vinegar, Lavender, and Coconut Oil are applied to the scalp in gonna do it . way as above. Lice Removal, 100 Church Street Decatur, GA 30031 (770)-645-4548

  10. Gonzalo Truluck says:

    You need the right tool to get the task finished properly! Lice infested curls will have some tiny, white eggs called nits at the root. If lice removal wasnt able to be given attention, lice could grow in sums. Lice Removal, 100 Church Street Decatur, GA 30031 (770)-645-4548

  11. Douglass Memmer says:

    Something else to keep in mind reality the shampoo may never kill the nits. The comb works the best when the lice are larger in proportion. Dandruff, as it turns out, will outside of the hair rather quite simply. Lice Removal, 100 Church Street Decatur, GA 30031 (770)-645-4548

  12. Sarah says:

    As a mom I have been through the awful head lice experience and did not know that there were places I could go to have this done. – I now own a Professional lice removal salon in Orange only using a natural treatment that the bugs can not be resistant to called Absolute Clear®. Absolute Clear® is a non-toxic, non-abrasive, and hypoallergenic mix. These naturally occurring materials are combined with surfactants and other biologically stimulating ingredients. The product helps with loosening the glue that attaches the eggs/nits to the hair. Making the eggs easier to remove off the head. The name of my company is Lizzie’s Lice Pickers. I can be reached for questions or concerns at (714) 499-7448, http://www.lizzieslicepickers.com. I know what a stressful time this can be and I am here to help whether it is just a phone call with questions, coming in to buy the do it yourself kit, or having me do it for them whatever the customer needs I am there for them. I also do free school screenings if the need arises.

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