If you’re looking for a restaurant in Newport Beach… heck! If you’re looking for a new-to-you Orange County restaurant, may I suggest True Food Kitchen? Holy Cow!  If you haven’t already dined at True Food Kitchen in Newport Beach, let me tell you – it definitely lives up to all the hype. & Don’t worry, you don’t have to wait until your next date night to dine at this new-er Orange County restaurant, because True Food Kitchen is totally & completely family-friendly. I’m probably already preaching to the choir – but just in case you haven’t tasted the delicious-ness that is True Food Kitchen, let me tell you, it is a must!

True_Food_Kitchen_in_Newport_BeachTrue Food Kitchen

True Food Kitchen is a restaurant in Newport Beach – to be specific, it’s located at Fashion Island next door to Roy’s Hawaiian Fusion Cuisine & Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse. & Yes! What I said before really & truly is correct – True Food Kitchen truly is perfect for the entire family. While the decor of the restaurant is very sheek & almost zen-like (how else can you describe a restaurant that so resembles a spa or yoga studio that most of the employees are in fact dressed in yoga-like clothes & TOMS?). The atmosphere is inviting, fun & “noisy” – loud enough at least, that no seemed to mind that my kids weren’t exactly “quiet as church mice.”

“The restaurant’s philosophy is that simple, fresh, pure ingredients create the most satisfying and memorable dining experiences.” Simply, what this means is that True Food Kitchen uses the freshest & highest-of-quality ingredients. The menu is packed with nutritious, good-for-you vegetables, lots of whole grains, hormone & antibiotic-free chicken, turkey & natural angus beef, and includes several vegan, vegetarian & gluten-free dishes.


True Food Kitchen Kid’s Menu

The best part about True Food Kitchen however, in my mind anyways, is the kids menu. No chicken fingers or greasy burger here. Instead your kids will have choices like a Little Chopped Salad (topped with white cheese & dill ranch), an Almond Butter, Apple & Banana Sandwich (served with carrot sticks), chicken teriyaki bowl & brown rice, baked ziti, mozzarella & organic tomato pizza, turkey slider or organic PB&J (both served with carrot sticks).

Can I tell you how refreshing it was to watch my children order, enjoy devour, healthy & nutritious foods off a kid’s menu for a change? & While I was expecting a few complaints regarding the lack of a grilled cheese sandwich or corn dog – I amazingly didn’t hear any. I guess they were too busy practically licking the hummus appetizer, we had ordered, off their  plates.

If you haven’t guessed already, I was really blown away by the kid’s menu at True Food Kitchen – but that’s not to say the “adult menu” isn’t fabulous as well. There are so many incredible menu options available, I know I will be going back soon, just to “taste” the menu. If you are ensure about what to order I definitely recommend the Panang Curry, it’s to-die-for! My kids LOVED the turkey slider, chicken teriyaki bowl & mozzarella & organic tomato pizza. & While my hubby really enjoyed his steak tacos – he was a little disappointed in the portion size. But the apple-cranberry crumble with dairy-free maple ice cream (Yes! Dairy-free & it was so yummy!) took our breath away… literally. Honestly, it was probably the best crumble I have ever eaten – I would go back to True Food Kitchen for that alone.

For more information about True Food Kitchen, including their location, hours & menu, visit their website HERE.

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Just Spotted received no compensation, of any kind, for this post. My family did receive a free meal at True Food Kitchen to facilitate this review. However the opinions presented here 100% my own & 100% true (why else would I tell you that the steak taco portions are somewhat small for the price?). I absolutely LOVE True Food Kitchen  & will be frequenting it often.