Kimberly Mendel Beck – she was a wife, mother of of five, sister, daughter, &  friend to everyone. Now you probably didn’t know Kim personally – but she is the type of woman you wish you had. Raised locally, she was truly the epitome of an Orange County girl. Her friends & family described her as someone with an “adventurous spirit with a deep sense of kindness towards others.”

This past week, on March 3rd “Kim with her van full of her children and their friends,  was pulling into the driveway of her home. She briefly left the van to restrain the family dog when she noticed the van rolling backward, and tried to stop it, resulting in her becoming pinned under the vehicle. Even though her chest was crushed, emergency workers were able to get her heart beating again. Unfortunately, despite efforts to save her, Kim was pronounced brain dead on March 6. Luckily, doctors were able to harvest reconstructive tissue and organs—including her mighty, mighty heart—to save the lives of four other people. Even in death, Kim leaves a legacy of unstoppable generosity.”

I’m sure you are as heartbroken as I am. As you can imagine, her friends, family, but especially her five children (ages 10, 8, 7, 4 & 3) & husband are totally & completely devastated. Kim literally has “fallen in the line of duty.”

Today I ask beg you to help me spread the word about Kim and her sweet, sweet family. Kim scrimped & saved for years to provide a good life for her family, & had just recently been able to  purchase a home before the accident occurred.

Kimberly Mendel Beck Fund

If you can, I encourage to donate to the fund established in Kimberly Mendel Beck’s name. While you may not know her, or her family, I’m sure can appreciate the extra monetary support that will be much needed by the family at this critical time. Medical bills, funeral expenses, not to mention the increased child care costs (for FIVE children ages 10 & under) in the months ahead, will definitely add up, putting an additional stress on this family. So, please help us, help Kim – even a $5 donation would be very much appreciated.

You & I know that we can’t put a price tag on the value of motherhood, or the work a mother performs on a daily basis, but we can help take care of her family after she’s gone.

For more information about Kim go HERE. To donate to the fund established in Kim’s name, benefitting her children go HERE.

xoxo, K