If there’s one thing I love more than living in Orange County, it’s things that are FREE (or cheap) in Orange County. With gas prices nearing $5, who couldn’t use a little extra money in their pockets? So I’m always on the lookout for fabulous deals & coupons…. Luckily, our newest partner OC Auto Coupons can help save the day.

OC Auto Coupons

To put it in their own words “OC Auto Coupons connects consumers with big discounts at local shops… No dealerships or national chains (except some local owned franchises. OC Auto Coupons supports the local Orange County economy through savings and putting a spotlight on our great local auto repair shops.”

Wahoo! Two things I love – supporting local Orange County businesses & saving money at the same time. & The best part? ALL shops on OC Auto Coupons are in good standing with the Better Business Bureau. Even better? ALL shops on OC Auto Coupons have positive reviews on many of the popular review sites (such as Yelp!, Citysearch, Insider Pages, etc).

So even though the cost of living is slowly creeping higher & higher (going to the gas station has become a chore I’d really rather not do), when it comes to costly auto repair, you can save a few precious pennies by using OC Auto Coupons. You’ll definitely want to check the listings, my current auto repair shop is ALREADY listed. (Yours might be too!) How fab is that?

So, if you check out OC Auto Coupons, I’ve saved you a little money. Ready to save even more? OC Auto Coupons is giving away FREE oil changes every day in May. Yep! Yep! Every single day (starting Sunday, May 1st thru Tuesday, May 31st) OC Auto Coupons is giving away one FREE oil change, every day at exactly 11am.

free oil change

FREE oil changes

Entering is easy… simply fill the quick & easy entry from on the OC Auto Coupons blog HERE, or “like” OC Auto Coupons on Facebook & fill out the easy entry form & you are entered for the entire month. Then, every day at 11am, the OC Auto Coupons blog will announce that day’s winner.

& Don’t worry, you won’t be winning a “free” oil change at some sketchy auto repair shop. You will be winning a free oil change that is redeemable up to $40 at ANY auto repair shop on OC Auto Coupons. With over 120 auto repair shops on OCautocoupons.com (& remember, they all have glowing Yelp! or Citysearch reviews), I’m sure you’ll find one (or two to your liking).

As if a FREE oil change isn’t enough… once the month of May is over, the promotions keep coming. Every month OC Auto Coupons will feature a new promotions on their Facebook page – from FREE oil changes, to gift certificates to local shops and FREE car detailing.

I have already entered…. the chance of winning a FREE oil change is just to alluring for me. So, if haven’t already, head on over to Facebook & “like” OC Auto Coupons & enter their promotion for a FREE oil change. & Then, the next time your car needs to be serviced, check out their huge listing of locally owned auto repair shops.

xoxo, K

disclaimer: OC Auto Coupons is a “partner” of Just Spotted. However the opinions are 100% those of Just Spotted & I have in fact, actually entered their FREE oil change giveaway – because who doesn’t want to save a little extra money?