Do you Trekaroo? What?! You’ve never heard of Trekaroo? Well, if you travel with kids, or you’re interested in planning a kid-friendly, family vacation – then Trekaroo should be your first stop. Described as “the fun way to get the inside scoop on everyday travel with kids. With thousands of kid-friendly activities, hotels & restaurants, Trekaroo unearths delightful discoveries near and far.”

Basically, Trekaroo is the family travel go-to. With literally thousands of reviews, suggestions & tips, written by actual families, taking actual family vacationsTrekaroo is a gold mine! (Or at least I think it is!)


Planning a kid-friendly, family vacation with Trekaroo is easy. Simply pick a destination, or check out one of Trekaroo’s suggested “top places to go.” Then explore & plan your activities, hotels & even restaurants using Trekaroo’s handy dandy destination search… finding suggestions based on cost, age appropriateness & distance, but most importantly – on actual reviews, from real people.

Not only is Trekaroo chock full of kid-friendly places to go & things to do, but there are TONS of travel tips for vacationing with kids. If you have a question about a specific destination, or traveling in general, there’s a Q&A forum where you can ask other moms & dads for advice. & If you are traveling on a budget, consider using Trekaroo to book your travel plans – they guarantee the lowest prices for hotels, while offering deals on cars, cruises, flights & gear too.

& When all is said & done… after the family vacation is complete, Trekaroo encourages to write your own review. Tell them what activities, hotels & restaurants you loved (or maybe didn’t love)…. because that’s what Trekaroo is all about – parents helping other parents explore this amazing world, with kids in tow. & As a travel-oriented mom of 3, I LOVE what Trekaroo is doing.

xoxo, K

p.s. if you’re looking for quick & easy day trips outside of Orange County, we have lots of ideas - but I’m sure Trekaroo has a few suggestions too.