If you’re looking for new Orange County playgrounds or parks to play at, then your first stop needs to be Fun Orange County Parks. Michele is the go-to guru regarding playgrounds & play parks in & around Orange County. Whether you are looking for a playground in the city of Orange, or wondering if the the park down the street has bathrooms, Michele’s detailed park write-ups has all the answers.

Orange County Playgrounds

orange county parks
Michele’s FunOrangeCountyParks.com blog is your one-stop destination for finding parks in Orange County.  The hardest thing about her site is figuring out which playground or nature outing to choose!  However, we asked Michele to dig in her archives and pull up some of her most useful posts. After three years recording her outdoor adventures, she has amassed info on over 180 play locations throughout Orange County, & you know how we love lists. So, without further ado…

10 Reasons Why We (& Why YOU Should Too) LOVE FunOrangeCountyParks.com

Don’t delay and go find somewhere to play outdoors today! Michele’s mission is “promoting play and encouraging family outdoor time” and she’ll be super-happy if we report back that we’re making progress.

See the slideshow and more OC playgrounds and play ideas at Fun Orange County Parks.

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p.s. Want to find information about other local Orange County Parks or nature areas? Go HERE.

image of Orange County Playgrounds via Fun Orange County Parks