We’ve posted about Ridemakerz before… we loved this Downtown Disney store dedicated to customizing ridez,” from the first moment we saw if. Actually, our first thought was “why didn’t we think of this… a Build-a-Bear inspired approach to creating your own, customized ride for car enthusiasts of all ages? Brilliant.”

& While we’ve already made 2 separate trips to Ridemakerz in the last year, once again we spent our Saturday morning making my kid’s (BOTH the boy’s & the girl’s) dreams came true, when we packed up the car & headed to Ridemakerz to customize our cars (or trick out our ridez as the shop employees called it). With nearly 649 MILLION different car possibilities, we could come every Saturday & not be bored!

As I mentioned before, at Ridemakerz you (or your kids) actually BUILD your ride. Upon entering the store, you are immediately encounter literally walls of cars.

Chevrolet Corvettes, Ford F-250 SuperChiefs, Corvettes, retro hot rods, fire engines, race cars , dump trucks & an entire line cars featuring characters from Disney’s Cars movies. Once you’ve picked your “body” style, it’s time to customize…. with dozens of sounds, wheelz & treadz, with speciality lights, accessories & decals, & finally, once you’ve gathered all your car parts, you actually get to build your RIDEZ. I’m telling you, this is a hands-on experience, like no other. You (or your child) get to help build your car (from start to finish) in the RZ Pit… and let me tell you from experience, this will give your child the hugest feeling of accomplishment. (Be sure to have your camera ready because they are sure to flash you a smile like you’ve never seen before.)

After a saturday morning at Ridemakerz, I’m pretty sure my kids would all agree… happiness comes in a Ridemakerz box.

Unfortunately for me, seeing that Ridemakerz just debuted four new Cars 2 vehicles (including Lightning McQueen, Mater, Finn McMissile & Francesco), I’m guessing we will be back soon.

Ridemakerz Coupon

Luckily, Father’s Day weekend (Saturday & Sunday) Ridemakerz is offering families to “come on down & build one ridez & get one FREE.” (Although, the brand new CARS line isn’t included in the deal, other ridez like the Ford Mustang, Nascar racecar, Viper, Challenger & the rest are included.)


RIDEZ are priced from $18 – $38, depending on the body & paint scheme selected. Radio remote-control can be added for an additional $25 & custom accessories range in price from $2 for grille guards, spoilers and hood scoops to $15 for deluxe “muscle kits” that include a blow engine, spoiler, side pipes, muffler tips and roof vent.

If you can’t make it to Downtown Disney, don’t worry… you can also buy a RIDEZ on-line HERE. The online experience is just like the store, letting users virtually build their RIDEZ. & You’ll probably be thrilled to know that Ridemakerz also offers parties. You know you’ll be the most popular mom in town after you throw a Ridemakerz Bash. For more information on the Ridemakerz Bash, go HERE.

Ridemakerz is located at Downtown Disney: 1540 S. Disneyland Dr., Suite 103, Anaheim, CA 92802. (714)776-0216. For hours & directions, please visit the website.

xoxo, K

No compensation, of any kind, was received for this post. Although, my family & I were invited guests of Ridemakerz, & were provided gift certificates to build cars. However, we had already previously visited, fallen in love with, & actually paid to build cars at Ridemakerz. In the end, the opinions represented here are 100% those of me & my family, & were not influenced in any way… you & your kids REALLY are going to love Ridemakerz.