Summer at the Discovery Science Center is just around the corner. & As you can imagine, the Discovery Science Center is pulling out all the stops, & bringing to town lots of fun things to do in summer. That’s right, this summer two brand new science inspired exhibits are coming to an Orange County museum near you…

WaterWorks at Discovery Science Center

Starting Friday, May 20th thru Sunday, September 1tth, 2011 the WaterWorks: Soak Up the Science exhibit is coming to the science center. Get ready to “explore how water gets physical by creating a perfect rainbow, capturing a raindrop and examining snowflakes – one of nature’s most complex structures. Dive into the ‘Water Quiz’ to test your knowledge of the sources of water, how much is stored in the oceans, in glaciers, and how much is available for human consumption. Learn about current issues in freshwater quality and management and the stresses that are being put on this natural resource.

Discover the ups and downs of energy transfer, pressure, buoyancy and hydraulics in fun interactive exhibits. Become a wizard at ‘Water Pinball’ by using water to power lights, create pressure, and raise objects. Give your family and friends a ‘lift’ by working a hydraulic system, and take command of a model submarine – the mission, pilot the sub to hit underwater targets.

Meet ‘Walter the Water Molecule’ in the Water Theatre and follow his fast-paced and humorous adventures as he is suddenly thrust from his home in the water table out into the wondrous and unpredictable world of water cycles and transformations.”

This is one exhibit at the Discovery that will have you making a spalsh!

science cube santa ana

Starting Saturday, May 28th thru Sunday, September 11th, 2011 the Adventures of Mr. Potato Head will be making it’s debut at the cube in Santa Ana. Join Mr. Potato Head on a number of fun (& educational) adventures…

“Join Commander MR. POTATO HEAD aboard the S.P.U.D. space station, where you’ll learn about repair and maintenance to the station. Sit inside and control your journey from the commander’s chair, use the intergalactic translator, explore the galaxy and conduct experiments at the isolation glove box.

While on an archaeological dig in search of the statue of King Tato, you must decipher ‘tatoglyphs’ and solve mazes to find the statue’s secret caché. Use special maps to explore the treasure chamber and excavate the dig site to uncover fun artifacts from the King’s past, while reconstructing the King’s crown and weighing the discoveries in MR. POTATO HEAD’s research tent.

Ocean explorer Jacques Coustato will guide you on an underwater adventure to build fanciful reefs, meet a friendly octopus and wise clam, and enjoy simulated snorkeling adventures. Learn by finding small surprises and a sea horse race in the kelp bed, operating the spud sub, experimenting with sounds from above and below the waves, and generating underwater sparkle using the sub’s disco-ball antenna.

& Finally, while roaming jungles with MR. POTATO HEAD, enjoy a pretend mudslide or venture inside a cave in search of mysterious objects. Listen carefully to identify sounds in the jungle, discover camouflaged and hidden creatures, and gain a different perspective by using special lenses and cameras to see the world through the eyes of silly birds, bugs and animals.”

This is definitely one museum trip that will encourage & teach children that they really can be anything they want to be.

Summer at the Discovery Science Center

The Discovery Center is open Monday – Saturday, 10am – 5pm & 11am – 5pm on Sundays. Adult admissions to the Discovery Center are $12.95 & children (ages 3-17) are $9.95 & can be purchased HERE. & Before you plan your trip, I’d suggest you check the Discovery Science Center‘s daily field trip schedule HERE, to help you anticipate when the museum will be less busy.

xoxo, K

p.s. For a complete list of all Orange County children’s museums go HERE.