So, my brother works for this company called Zumbox, and they are currently promoting a truly fabulous giveaway that I just have to spread the word about. Just by signing up for Zumbox (which is quick & totally easy to do – not to mention, it’s FREE) you have the chance to win $1,000,000, or one of thousands of other prizes.


Zumbox Giveaway

Yep! Yep! You could win a million dollar cash giveaway, a brand new  Nissan car, an Apple iPad, Amazon or Starbucks gift cards or a laptop computer – simply by “claiming your Zumbox.”

So by now your probably wondering why you should claim your  Zumbox (other than for the chance to win some amazing prizes)… well, basically  Zumbox is a place where you can “receive, manage & store all your postal mail digitally in one place.”

This means you can access your postal mail from anywhere at anytime.” Yep!  Zumbox is a FREE service that works with mailers to deliver a digital version (of the mail they already send to you) to a digital mailbox. This means you can view your mail from your computer or mobile device, pay bills, & help save a tree or two – all without having to take that dreaded walk to your mailbox.

Honestly, it’s a pretty cool service if you ask me. & Right now they’re giving away HUGE prizes encouraging you to sign up. If I were you, I’d definitely sign up. In fact, I’ve already signed up, & I signed up my hubby too. I’ve got my eye on one of those $1,000,000 cash giveaways – although, I might settle for an iPad.

Ready to claim YOUR Zumbox? Sign up HERE. Oh yeah… don’t forget to tell your friends too. If YOUR friends enter & win, then YOU win that same prize too! how fabulous is that?!

xoxo, K