Being eco-friendly & “green” doesn’t have to be limited to re-usable grocery bags & water bottles. Over the past year or so, my friend Christy has shown me that you really & truly can easily make every aspect of your life eco-friendly. Today, Christy is going to share with us some of her favorite Eco-Summer Essentials.


eco-friendly summer essentials

It’s hard to believe that we are well into summer. But when I take a look at my calendar I see that we are indeed ready for some summer fun! Between balancing the needs for the store, while making sure I that I make space for plenty of playtime with my family, I know I need to be prepared with some eco-friendly summer essentials. It’s important that I have everything ready for that spontaneous road trip or camping excursion. Here’s what I will be packing in order to keep my family healthy.

Eco-Summer Essentials

  1. Natural Remedies: I have been using natural remedies for many, many years now and with my kids since they were infants. I navigate homeopathic remedies, pure essential oils, supplements, whole foods and herbs to take care of everything from fevers, diarrhea to coughs and with great success. I carry doTERRA Essential oils at the store now which are pharmaceutical, food-grade essential oils that are so pure that they can be consumed. I also really love the Young Living Oils I have used for the past 11 years as well. Nothing else comes close and caution must be taken when using essential oils. The vast majority of oils out there are full of petro-chemicals, even ones that say they are organic. I make sure to always have on-hand: Peppermint (fevers, headaches, indigestion), Lavendar for (skin rashes, calming, allergies, etc.), Oregano (boost immunity), On-guard (viruses) and Breathe (congestion, coughs). The Boiron homeopaths (in little blue vials at your health food stores) I keep are: Pulsatilla, Nux Vomica, Chamomilla, Dosera, Histaminum. & I also like the Salt Inhaler we carry at the store for respiratory problems (great for asthmatics), garlic mullein oil for ear infections, XClear for nasal congestions and Redicare as an insect repellant.

    * For more information on homeopaths and natural remedies please visit my friend, Dr. Lauren Feder, she is a wealth of knowledge and her remedies work for our family.

  2. Natural personal care: Episencial makes a Bubble Bath that can be used as a shampoo, body wash and bubble bath so it is the perfect travel companion for the whole family. You also want to make sure you have a safe, non-toxic sunscreen for everyone, including baby. This summer I am giving my niece Eco-sun and our family is going to be using Think Sport Live Strong Sunscreen. We also make sure to avoid the sun during high peaks and are known to go to the beach after 3p.m. At the grocery store I will also be picking up an extra jar of coconut oil to moisturize our skin.
  3. Waste-free lunch gear: Not only does using reusable food containers save you money it is healthier for you and the planet. BPA’s are rampant in plastic storage containers so our family opts for stainless steel or glass. In recent news there are reports now stating that even BPA-Free products are still leaching hormones. I love all the options out there now in several shapes and sizes and have managed to get a system that works well for all of our needs. This way when I wake up to do our breakfast I automatically fill up our lunchbox with healthy alternatives: veggies, fruits, hummus or other protein, rice chips or other snacks. At Belly Sprout we offer the largest selection of stainless-steel feeding gear in OC. We also offer solutions on how to pack healthy foods into these great containers. Make sure to check out the photos of Mayu’s Lunch on our FB page for some ideas.
  4. Juicer: After having had a very restrictive diet for the last year and having had to avoid raw foods, I am so thrilled to be using our juicer again! Mommy, daddy and the boys all love my juices. We use the Champion Juicer (available through Belly Sprout) which has been around for over 30 years and love it. It presses the fruits and veggies so that you extract the most juice from your produce, leaving the pulp dry and minimal. We already get plenty of fruits and vegetables in our diets, but the juice packs loads of great live food into us quickly. Try a liver detox: apple, cucumber, spinach, kale, lemon and ginger.
  5. Entertaining road trip: The boys love to go on the road and for the most part are pretty easy going. I still like to pack them simple bags of goodies to keep them busy when we drive for more than 2 hours. Our hands-down favorites are the Barefoot Books CD stories. The kids love the stories and we love how well produced they are. It either chills them out before they erupt or gets them ready to take a short nap in the car. Other things in our bag will be Glob plant-based paints, eco face crayons, plenty of legos and several of their favorite books. My husband likes to keep it simple so we don’t put a lot of emphasis on toys. My boys like to be outdoors all year long.

Summer is such a great time of year to re-focus on healthy living as the weather inspires that shift for us. Comfort foods don’t make sense in warm weather so use this time to load up on all of the fresh, organic produce out there. You can also play with some new recipes that will take you into the fall so that you will be able to pack those school lunches with ease! Please visit Belly Sprout to stock up on these Eco-Summer Essentials.

Christy is the owner of  Belly Sprout, Orange County’s first natural parenting lifestyle store and resource center. For over 5 years Christy has inspired her community to consider natural lifestyle choices from healthful eating, alternative wellness, natural childbirth and eco-friendly product choices including eco-beauty. She was the first to bring Holistic Moms, a national non-profit for holistic living, to Orange County and co-lead the group for nearly 2 years. Christy has also been actively involved in co-hosting such events as “You are What You Eat”, the Red Carpet Premiere of “The Business of Being Born” and “Too Toxic to Dump”, bringing awareness to a larger audience. It is her passion to create a dialogue among her clients to inspire change for a more healthful and vibrant life. She enjoys Yoga, cooking, reading, writing and watching her boys play. Christy and her husband live in Fullerton with their two young sons, Mayu and Rumi.


Thanks Christy! I Love how you make living “green” so easy. You can find Christy at her store Belly Sprout in Fullerton, on her Facebook page, or at the Eat Real Festival in Culver City July 16-17th. At this FREE family-friendly event, you will find the top foodie vendors, chefs, authors in the country here doing demos, sampling, etc. & Christy we also be there with Belly Sprout’s vintage trailer, we she will be doing simple demos on how, and what to pack in a healthy lunch for kids.

xoxo, Christy (& K)