Have you checked out the Orange County, Ca Parks Map yet? Well, you know where you live in Orange County (or, at least I hope you do). And you probably think you know all the parks in your neighborhood and nearby. But you might be surprised….  according to Michele (who runs her FunOrangeCountyParks.com blog) people write her all the time saying “I didn’t even know that park was there, and it’s just around the corner from me.”  Luckily, Michele has created a must-have map that you are sure to love. Please feast your eyes on her ultra-cool Playground Map…

orange county playgrounds

Orange County, CA Parks Map

There are 3 things you need to know to get the most out of this map featuring parks & playgrounds in Orange County, California:

  • Click on the “Visit Our Map” link in her sidebar to get to the interactive map.
  • From there, you can zoom into your neighborhood by double-clicking the map. Click on a BLUE marker to bring up a small balloon with the name and address of the park. Notice that the “Park Name” is hyperlinked to the review!! Just click on the park name and it will bring you to back to FunOrangeCountyParks.com and a thorough review with tons of photos of the park you clicked.
  • There’s also an alphabetical listing of the parks in the left margin of the Playground Map. It’s the best way to find a park if you are invited for a playdate or birthday party.

Don’t forget to bookmark the map on your mobile phone so you can access it when you are on the go.  Michele even wrote a geeky post on how to bookmark her site on your iPhone. As Michele always says: “Have fun and play often!”  Enjoy your summer in the sunshine!

xoxo, K

p.s. While this Orange County, Ca Parks Map is perfect for residents of Orange County California, it’s also great for locating parks & playgrounds around hotels & theme parks for people visiting Southern California!