Having kids involves making lots of decisions. For some parents one of the hardest decisions revolves around diapers. For me & my family disposable diapers were the answer. But, I know many people struggle with the cloth diaper debate.,Today Christy, of Belly Sprout, promises to make clothe diapering simple as ABC…

cloth-diapering-made-simpleCloth Diapering Made Simple

It’s been nearly 9 years since I first began my quest for cloth diapers. My Mothering Magazines were completely dog-eared as I searched for brands and websites of cloth diapering companies. I started researching online, gave myself plenty of headaches and in the end when I started building my stash while Mayu lay nestled in my womb, I ordered. What I was ordering was a blur as the diapers came trickling into my home. They looked so cute and fuzzy and cuddly but what the heck? I still didn’t know what the difference was between a pre-fold, a fitted, an AIO or a pocket. I just ordered and hoped for the best, but sometimes got the worst.

When Belly Sprout opened 5 years ago, we were the first in pretty much most of Southern California to stock such a wide variety of cloth diapers. I started off slowly introducing a few diapers at a time until my inventory became quite impressive. At the time I wasn’t sure if Orange County was ready for cloth diapers, but many customers and several orders later tell me something different. Cloth diapering had not only arrived to Orange County but it was here to stay.

A lot has happened in the course of 5 years. New brands have flooded the market, competitive branding has started the cloth diaper wars and innovative designs have made cloth diapering even more appealing to those starting out. With this I have also witnessed more confusion as the market has gotten saturated. Parents either come to me with a lot of research or none at all. For my customers the number one motivation to cloth diaper is for economic reasons, with the health of the baby a close second. Generally speaking, however, parents want it to be simple. Here are my tips on how to keep it simple and save money without having to stay up all hours of the night researching online:

  • Keep it simple. Once you decide on the style of diapers that you want, get enough so that you can wash them every other day. For a newborn that means 24 diapers total. For example if you have a newborn baby you will need 24 diapers, 12 inserts for increased absorbency, a few wet bags, detergent suitable for cloth diapers and some diaper balm for occasional rashes.
  • Go with your gut instinct. I always ask parents what types/style of diapers they are drawn to. Instinctively we know what would work for our families, so trust that gut instinct.
  • Don’t believe the hype. There are many big brands out there that get great reviews online, but I deal directly with clients the reviews that matter. Several of those very big brands have been some of my customers least favorite diapers.
  • Sample a variety of diapers. Since we have no idea how big or small or babies will be once they are born, I recommend trying a variety of styles and brands. This way you can try them out in the first size range and then decide which are your favorites before investing in a whole package.
  • Be ready to switch styles. Our babies fluctuate in size and bowel movements.


Thanks Christy! I Love how you make living “green” so easy. You can find Christy at her store Belly Sprout in Fullerton, on her Facebook page, or at the the Cloth Diaper Expo, THIS Saturday, October 8th, 2011, 10:30am – 1:30pm ($25 pre-pay). This perfect for anyone who wants to learn the inside scoop on everything cloth… the best brands, types and how to use them.

Orange County’s first-ever expo on everything cloth! This event is for anyone interested in cloth and for those already using cloth. The day will be filled with education and discussion (2 DIY clinics that will save you time & money), unique break-out sessions, goody bags, vendors, lunch and complimentary childcare. For more info on the Cloth Diaper Expo, to learn more about Belly Sprout and to see their updated October calendar, visit www.bellysprout.com.

xoxo, K