Star Wars: Where Science Meets Imagination at the Santa Ana Discovery Center, is what you might call an “out-of-this-world” exhibit. Check out this futuristic exhibit November 18th, 2011 – April 15th, 2012. (Are you humming the Star Wars theme song in your head yet? Because I know I am.)


Have you (or your kids) ever wondered if the amazing technologies in the Star Wars fantasy worlds could ever become reality?! Imagine a world with humanoid robots translating languages, landspeeders whizzing down the highway, and X-­‐wing Starfighters protecting the skies. Sound pretty awesome, if you ask me!


The “Star Wars: Where Science Meets Imagination” exhibit at the Santa Ana Discovery Center will explore the futuristic technologies depicted in the Star Wars films & the real science behind them. (Que the theme song once again…)

* Get hands on: build & test your own speeders & robots
* See REAL  movie props & costumes from all six Star Wars films (I have to admit I was pretty impressed that the Yoda on display is the actual puppet used in the films)
* Experience what it feels like to drive an actual HOVER craft
* Take a journey through the galaxy on the Millennium Falcon
* Explore the research that may someday lead to real-life versions of the technologies seen in the films & so much more.

Star Wars: Where Science Meets Imagination

What: Star Wars, Where Science Meets Imagination
Where: Discovery Science Center
When: November 18th, 2011 – April 15th, 2012

May the force be with you.

Adult admissions to the Discovery Science Center for adults & children (ages 3-17) tickets can be purchased online for $12.95 (regular adult admission is $17.95). & Before you plan your trip, I’d suggest you check the Discovery Science Center‘s daily field trip schedule HERE, to help you anticipate when the museum will be less busy.

xoxo, K

images via Star Wars: Where Science Meets Imagination & Discovery Science Center.