Eating at the Disneyland Resort

Maybe I’m crazy. Maybe I just don’t know what good food tastes like. But, I actually think a lot of the food at the Disneyland Resort is quite tasty. Here are some of our family’s favorite places & treats to eat within in the parks…

Eating at Disneyland Park

* Surprising, I think the Fruit Stands scattered throughout the park always have delicious, fresh & healthy offerings. You can find fruit stands on Main Street, inside Adventureland right next to the Jungle Cruise, & across from Splash Mountain.
* Near the end of Main Street, right by the Plaza Inn, is the Little Red Wagon Corn Dog Cart. My pick? A corn dog & apple slices, but you can also get chips if you’d prefer.
* Bengal BBQ inside Adventureland. My favorites are the Bengal Beef Skewer, the Chieftain Chicken Skewers & those yummy bacon wrapped asparagus skewers.
* River Belle Terrace, also in Adventureland-ish, has a tasty prime rib sandwich if you’re in the mood.
* & Quite possibly the most refreshing treat at Disneyland (the Dole Whip & Float) can be found at the Tiki Juice Bar, & fairly cheap too!
* Cafe Orleans in New Orleans Square, has that delicious Monte Cristo Sandwich that the Blue Bayou is famous for, without the reservations.
* Across the way, the Royal Street Veranda has wonderful soup bowls (clam chowder, steak gumbo & vegetarian gumbo) but the fritters are to die for!
* Inside Frontierland, the Stage Door Cafe is our favorite for fried foods. Awesome chicken tenders (they have a really good honey mustard sauce), fish & chips and mozzarella strips. They also serve funnel cake – one of the best desserts ever!
* Also in Frontierland, the Mexican place Rancho del Zocalo Resaurante has a wonderful tostada salad & a great hacienda chicken ceasar salad.
* Redd Rockett’s Pizza Port, located in Tomorrowland, has some good (but greasy) pizza, decent pastas (my favorite is the chicken fusilli), & some yummy salads (try the asian chicken salad).
* & You definitely don’t want to miss the churros & turkey legs… located throughout the park.

For all of the Disneyland Restaurants “at a glance” go HERE, for entire menus, go HERE.

Eating at Disney’s California Adventure

* Looking for a hot dog? Then Award Wieners, in the Hollywood Pictures Backlot, is your place.
* Another place to find those yummy chicken fingers, fish & chips and mozzarella strips is the Bountiful Valley Farmer’s Market, outside “A Bug’s Land”.
* Right across the way, is the only place inside either of the two parks (to my knowledge) that you can get a milkshake… Sam Andreas Shakes.
* On the Pacific Wharf, my favorite is the Pacific Wharf Cafe. Sandwiches, bread bowls, but I LOVE the Sonoma Chicken & Apple Salad. Yum!
* Craving Corn Dogs? Head on over to the Corn Dog Castle near the Paradise Pier.
* & If you want something cool on a hot summer day, ice cream & homemade waffle cones can be found at Burr-r-r Bank Ice Cream. & The lines aren’t usually as long as the ones you’ll find at the Main Street Cone Shop.

For all of the California Adventure Restaurants “at a glance” go HERE, for entire menus, go HERE.

Are you as hungry as I am now?!

xoxo, K


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