The Scoop on Cookies

My latest indulgence? The Scoop on Cookies. They create gourmet ice cream sandwiches. Did I mention they are custom, gourmet ice cream sandwiches? Yep!

You choose 2 cookies from any of their 10, freshly baked varieties (everything from chocolate chip & white chocolate macadamia nut to s’mores), & pair it with 1 of their 16 delicious flavors of Thrifty’s Ice Cream (who doesn’t love the rich creaminess of Thrifty’s?).

At just $2.50 a sandwich – it’s a sweet treat that doesn’t break the bank!

What: The Scoop on Cookies
When: Open Everyday between 11:30am – 9pm
Where: Located in Downtown Huntington Beach, 126 Main Street (at Walnut), “Sweet” 102

xoxo, K


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  1. Kelly,

    Thank you for the nice piece about our concept! That is exactly what we wanted! An indulgence that won’t break the bank!

    So what do you think about us taking this to the road of the O.C.

    Let me know at


  2. Nigel Fohn says:

    There’s just something special about homemade cookies, especially chocolate chip cookies, so far as I’m concerned. It’s a great family activity, something even children can help with, and everyone loves eating the results.`

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