Seeing that as Orange County-ians we practically live on the beach, people often ask where to ski California?

One of the reasons I personally {heart} OC, is the fact that I can be lying on the beach one afternoon, enjoying a perfectly beautiful, 70 degree day.& The next day, I can pack up the gear & kids, & hit the slopes in less than an hour! This is ideal for big-time snowmama, like myself!

We literally do have it all at our fingertips, sand & snow… the best of both worlds.

So if you’re ready to hit the slopes, here’s a list of where to ski in California. Yep! Yep! An entire list of ski & snowboarding resorts you can drive (or sometimes fly to).

Where to Ski in California

1. Mt. Waterman Ski Area, La Canada, CA (approx 40 miles from OC)
2. Mt. Baldy, Mt. Baldy (approx 45 miles from OC)
3. Mountain High Resort, Wrightwood, CA (approx 65 miles from OC)
4. Snow Valley Ski Resort, Running Springs, CA (approx 80 miles from OC)
5. Bear Mountain, Big Bear, CA (approx 90 miles from OC)
6. Snow Summit, Big Bear (approx 90 miles from OC)
7. Alta Sierra Ski Resort, Wofford Heights, CA (approx. 190 miles form OC)
8. Ski China Peak, Shaver Lake, CA (approx, 340 miles from OC)
9. Mammoth Mountain, Mammoth, CA (approx 350 miles fro OC, flights available to the Mammoth Airport direct from John Wayne Airport, LAX & San Diego)
10. June Mountain, June Lake, CA (approx 370 miles from OC, flights available to the Mammoth Airport direct from John Wayne Airport, LAX & Sand Diego)
11. Dodge Ridge, Pinecrest, CA (approx 400 miles from OC)
12. Lake Tahoe, 7 different Resorts all in or near Tahoe, CA: Alpine Meadow, Northstar, Heavenly, Squaw Valley USA, Mt. Rose, Kirkwood, Sierra at Tahoe (approx 500ish miles from OC, direct flights available to Reno Airport from LAX)

Interested in hitting the slopes out-of-state? Here are some quick & easy ski & snowboard resorts that are less than 2 hours away by plane…

* Las Vegas Ski & Snowboard Resort, Las Vegas, NV

& While there are several AMAZING resorts in UTAH, including:

* Brian Head Resort, Brian Head, UT
* Brighton, Brighton, UT
* Canyons Resort, Park City, UT
* Snowbasin, Hunstville, UT
* Snowbird, Snowbird, UT
* Sundance, Sundance, UT

My personal, absolute favorite ski & snowboard resort in Utah? Hands down, no questions asked, it’s  Park City Mountain Resort,  in Park City, UT. I literally dream about this place.

xoxo, K

p.s. I don’t know about you – but now all I can think of is snow! Hope this list makes it easier to decide where to ski in California.