Little Known Facts About Well Known Places: Disneyland

We are self-proclaimed lovers of all things Disney. So when I saw the book, Little Known Facts About Well Known Places – Disneyland, while standing in line at the book store, I just knew I had to bring it home. & It definitely didn’t disappoint!

It’s filled with nearly 200 Disneyland related tidbits & trivia – that is sure to entertain anyone. Including facts about which Matterhorn track truly is “faster,” why Sleeping Beauty’s Castle appears much larger than it truly is, & where the best views of the firework displays can be found.

So if you (or your kids) think highly of the “Happiest place on Earth,” then Little Known Facts About Well Known Places – Disneyland is sure to become a favorite bedtime story – it has in our house!


p.s. What’s your favorite piece of Disneyland trivia?


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