Cars Land at the Disneyland Resort

With the opening of Cars Land at the Disneyland Resort, inside Disney California Adventure, the Cars movies truly comes to life, as guests are transported to Radiator Springs, “the cutest little town in Carburetor county.”


All of Radiator Spring’s shops, restaurants & (my personal favorite) the neon signs that you’ve come to know & love have been brought to life – it’s practically magical.


As you stroll along Route 66, you’ll be greeted with the sights & sounds of the beautiful Ornament Valley. Ready for a tour of the town?


Cars Land Grand Tour

Stop by Fillmore’s Taste-in where you can “fill up” on his refreshing, all-natural fuel.


Visit with everyone’s favorite tow-truck at Mater’s Junkyard Jamboree where baby tractors pull you along & spin you around as Mater seranades you. (Each tractor can hold up to 2 adults & 1 child. Riders must be 32″ or taller.)


If you’re looking for official Radiator Springs merchandise, stop by Sarge’s Surplus Hut – he stocks all the essentials.


The Cozy Cone Motel is the perfect pit-stop when you’ve got the munchies. With plenty of “cone-themed” snacks, there’s plenty of options to recharge on. These “i-cone-ic” snacks include “chili cone queso,” “route beer floats,” ice cream “cones” & cones filled with churro bites, pretzel bites or flavored popcorn.


But if you’re in the mood for home cooking, cruise on in to Flo’s V8 Cafe. Voted Best Ding on “66,” it the perfect place to fill up your tank. Get your engines revving in the morning with breakfast favorites like chicken tamales with scrambled eggs or French toast served with salted caramel and bananas. For lunch, try the Veggie-Tater Bake or indulge in home-style rotisserie classics including pork loin, citrus turkey and New York strip loin. & Don’t forget to top off your meal with a delicious milk shake, or “ugly crust pies” in apple-cheddar, cherry & even more flavors!


Radiator Springs Curios is full of souvenirs & keepsakes – you’ll definitely want to stop by, & pick up something to remember your trip by.


Float on air, & literally fly when you ride Luigi’s Flying Tires. Basically, it’s a super-sized version of human air hockey. (Each tire can hold up to 2 adults & 1 child or 1 adult & 2 children. Riders must be 32″ or taller.)


Ramone’s House of Body Art is the place to go if when you’re looking for a fresh coat of paint, tricked-out gear, or other accessories.


Want to race around Ornament Valley? Then make sure to stop by Radiator Springs Racers. Definitely my newest favorite attraction, because you get to tour through Radiator Springs & visit with some familiar faces, drive by the valley’s famous waterfall, before you literally race around the hills, zoom around high-banked turns & cruise down the beautiful red-rock formations. (Riders must be 40″ or taller. Fast Passes & Single Rider Line are both available).




Cars Land MUST Eats




Cozy Cone Motel MUST Eats:

* Reds Apple Freeze

* Flavored Popcorn

* Churro Bites

* Chili cone Queso

Flo’s V8 Cafe MUST Eats:

* Spit-Fired Rotisserie Pork Loin with a Coca-Cola BBQ Sauce

* Spit-Fired Rotisserie Turkey Breast

* Veggie Tater Bake

* Mashed Potatoes

* Apple Cheddar “ugly crust” Pie-O-Rama

* Classic Milk Shakes (topped with whipped cream & road-side gravel)


Cars Land Tips & Tricks



* Get your Radiator Springs Racers FASTPASS as soon as you arrive at the Disneyland Resort – they will go fast. But don’t head directly to Cars Land, FASTPASS tickets for Radiator Springs Racers are distributed outside of Cars Land, near It’s Tough to be a Bug!

* If you want to ride Radiator Springs Racers, you can also take advantage of the Single Rider Entrance, which is located near the Stanley statue.

* With a minimum height requirement of 40″, you might have kids that are a wee small for the ride. No worries – Radiator Springs Racers has “rider swap” which allows parents/ adults to experience the ride while one one person waits with the child(ren), then lets them “swap,” enabling the other adult to enjoy the attraction. Ask a cast member about the “rider swap” program before getting in line.

* Luigi’s Flying Tires is extremely slow-loading – & that’s putting it nicely. Be prepared for long lines, which equals a very long wait time. Once you finally board, make sure to grab a beach ball (or two), because they definitely add to the experience. & Don’t forget to LEAN. If you want to get going fast, avoid the other tires as much as possible – the longer you can get going on a straight line, the faster you get going. & Obviously, more weight in the tire, means more speed – so load up!

* If you visited Cars Land during the day, don’t forget to go back at night to see it all lit up in neon glow – it’s breath-taking.

xoxo, K

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