• Slater’s 50/50

    Slater’s 50/50

    I love a good burger. It’s probably the only thing I ever crave. So when I discovered Slater’s 50/50 – I fell in love. Slater’s 50/50 Like other burger joints out there, they offer custom burgers. But to be honest, their “burgers designed” are so delicious, I’ve never felt the need to create my own. [...]

  • Wise Guys Pizzeria

    Wise Guys Pizzeria

    If you’re looking for something delicious – then look no further than Wise Guys Pizzeria in Orange. Wise Guys Pizzerria is definitely one of our family’s favorite Orange County Restaurants – especially when were going out for pizza (although, they do deliver too). It’s a half-service restaurant (meaning you order at the counter, & then [...]

  • The Scoop on Cookies

    The Scoop on Cookies

    My latest indulgence? The Scoop on Cookies. They create gourmet ice cream sandwiches. Did I mention they are custom, gourmet ice cream sandwiches? Yep! You choose 2 cookies from any of their 10, freshly baked varieties (everything from chocolate chip & white chocolate macadamia nut to s’mores), & pair it with 1 of their 16 [...]

  • Eating at the Disneyland Resort

    Maybe I’m crazy. Maybe I just don’t know what good food tastes like. But, I actually think a lot of the food at the Disneyland Resort is quite tasty. Here are some of our family’s favorite places & treats to eat within in the parks… Eating at Disneyland Park * Surprising, I think the Fruit [...]

  • Cupcakes in Orange County: Bubba Sweets

    Cupcakes in Orange County: Bubba Sweets

    Last week I had a cupcake craving. Luckily, Bubba Sweets was able to satisfy my cravings. What?! Never heard of Bubba Sweets?! Well, it’s one of the newest cupcakeries to open here in Orange County. Cupcakes in Orange County: Bubba Sweets Located on the outskirts of Huntington Beach (near Westminster & the 405 freeway), the [...]

  • Stricklands Ice Cream

    Stricklands Ice Cream

    If it’s a hot day, & you’re looking for a cool treat, head on over to Stricklands Ice Cream. Actually, let me re-phrase that. Anytime you’re looking for a treat, head on over to Stricklands Ice Cream. With homemade ice cream & frozen custard, this Irvine ice creamery is one of my new favorite places [...]

  • Orange County Ice Cream, Sno Cones & Frozen Yogurt

    Orange County Ice Cream, Sno Cones & Frozen Yogurt

    Looking for Orange County ice cream, sno cones & frozen yogurt shops? Here’s a dozen of our favorite places to get a yummy cold treat (we’ve made sure to cover all the bases… ice cream, frozen yogurt, gelato, shaved ice & lots of other frozen treats & delicious desserts). Hopefully they’ll help you survive this [...]

  • Hole in the Wall Restaurants in Orange County

    Hole in the Wall Restaurants in Orange County

    I’m always on the lookout for delicious hole in the wall restaurants in Orange County. There is something fun about discovering a little restaurant or cafe that is literally just a little hole in the wall. Some of my favorite places to get  pizza, mexican food & sandwiches are all products of a restaurant that [...]

  • True Food Kitchen

    True Food Kitchen

    If you’re looking for a restaurant in Newport Beach… heck! If you’re looking for a new-to-you Orange County restaurant, may I suggest True Food Kitchen? Holy Cow!  If you haven’t already dined at True Food Kitchen in Newport Beach, let me tell you – it definitely lives up to all the hype. & Don’t worry, [...]

  • 12 for Tuesday: Taco Tuesdays

    12 for Tuesday: Taco Tuesdays

    I don’t know about you, but I look forward to Taco Tuesdays all week long. Any excuse not to cook AND to eat at one of our fabulous Orange County mexican restaurants is okay in my book. Plus, who doesn’t love feeding an entire family for under $20? As I’m sure you’re well aware they [...]