• The Scoop on Cookies

    The Scoop on Cookies

    My latest indulgence? The Scoop on Cookies. They create gourmet ice cream sandwiches. Did I mention they are custom, gourmet ice cream sandwiches? Yep! You choose 2 cookies from any of their 10, freshly baked varieties (everything from chocolate chip & white chocolate macadamia nut to s’mores), & pair it with 1 of their 16 [...]

  • Ridemakerz


    We’ve posted about Ridemakerz before… we loved this Downtown Disney store dedicated to customizing “ridez,” from the first moment we saw if. Actually, our first thought was “why didn’t we think of this… a Build-a-Bear inspired approach to creating your own, customized ride for car enthusiasts of all ages? Brilliant.” & While we’ve already made [...]

  • Farmers Market at the Great Park

    Farmers Market at the Great Park

    One of the many benefits of living in Orange County? Year-round access to the farmers market. Luckily we are surrounded by dozens of farmers markets. Today, one of our readers Aimee is going to share one her absolute favorite favorite farmers market at the Great Park. ________________________________________________ It’s easy to forget how lucky we are [...]

  • made in oc: halloween carols

    made in oc: halloween carols

    I’ve been on the hunt for some Halloween-inspired music. & While I LOVE Michael Jackson’s Thriller & the Ghostbuster’s theme song is always a crowd favorite – I’ve been looking  for something a wee bit different. Luckily, I stumbled onto to Halloween Carols… which was perfect, because “Halloween deserves carols too.” Halloween Carols are written, [...]

  • Sale Stalker Warehouse Sale

    Sale Stalker Warehouse Sale

    Introducing the FIRST EVER Sale Stalker Warehouse Sale! They’re rolling open the doors for a feeding frenzy of fashion finds from the best boutique sale racks. Be the first to scour a stash of exclusive merchandise from 5 amazing boutiques – set aside just for this sale! Don’t risk missing out on your size [...]

  • made in the oc: calinana jewelry

    made in the oc: calinana jewelry

    Okay, let’s get it out in the open… when it comes to beautiful jewelry, I get all weak in the knees & googly eyed. & That’s exactly how I felt the very first time (& every time since) I laid eyes on a piece of Calinana Jewelry. How could you not fall in love? Rich [...]

  • Happy Birthday, Orange County!

    Happy Birthday, Orange County!

    It’s time to break out the candles & sing “Happy Birthday” to your little one. If you are thinking of planning a party check out our HUGE list of birthday party destinations, as well as parties that come to YOU! & We definitely want our to list to be totally comprehensive. If we’ve left one [...]

  • OC Kids Consignment Sale

    OC Kids Consignment Sale

    The OC Kids Consignment Summer Sale is sure to be amazing… everything & anything you could need for your babies & kids will be sold under one roof. & The best part? Because it is all gently used, you can get everything for an incredibly fabulous price! Some of the items that will be sold [...]

  • Orange County deals & coupons

    I’m sure I’m not the only one trying to save my pennies. That’s why I am LOVING all of these new “deal” sites springing up in Orange County. Just because I’m saving my money for a rainy day, doesn’t mean I can’t go out & play today! If you don’t already receive these coupons, deals, [...]

  • Ridemakerz


    From the moment I first walked into Ridemakerz at Downtown Disney, I immediately thought to myself “Why didn’t I think of this?!” It’s Build-a-Bear for boys, only instead of creating a soft & cuddly bear you are customizing your own ride. Ok, seriously… who am I kidding? Although I fully expect that the little boys [...]